Music – Henri Pfr

I am loving the covers from Henri Pfr – a young DJ/Producer,18 years old from Brussels. In particular this With or Without You Cover 🙂 Perfect tunes for a chilled Sunday night, to wind down the weekend.

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Tinder totes works…

Today I got some massive news! My bestie, who was about as single as I was this time last year just got ENGAGED! Infact, I’m pretty sure she was about to turn lesbianis a week before she met her future baby daddy. I mentioned her in a previous blog post Tinder Surprise. I reference them because they met on Tinder and ever since their first date, it’s been on like donkey kong! After 3 months they moved in together and they’ve pretty much been inseparable ever since.

Anyway the pair are currently holidaying in the cook islands as we speak and during the day today I got notified he’d asked for her hand. (We secretly discussed that this may be on the cards as her bf mentioned he had a “surprise” for her but she didn’t want to get her hopes up).  This is definitely the best news I’ve got all long weekend – there is nothing better than 2 awesome people finding eachother and making eachother happy. God I realise I sound like a complete sicko, but it really is so exciting! It’s not every day your best friend gets engaged and it’s not every day we can attribute Tinder to bringing a couple together. I wonder, if they hadn’t met, where would my bff be? Would she still be single and swiping? Who knows!!!

So this one is for the Tinder sceptics….Tinder totes works!…..In the sea of swiping, you may just find a winner when you swipe right! Congrats to the happy couple!

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The forever optimist…

One of my work bff”s, forever the optimist when it comes to guys and dating once gave me the below quote and it definitely seems I need to be driving down some new streets! I’m sure this applies to a lot of other singles out there 🙂

Little red ferrari

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Things that get my goat…

There were a few things that annoyed me yesterday, so much so it made me feel this is a valid topic to blog about. I may have been more annoyed than usual yesterday because it was a Monday and/or I was faced with yuck heads on the train. The thing about public transport is that it is….I dunno…. public? Shock horror, you have to share it with other humans as the name suggests. Some of which seem to have no concept that they are sharing the carriage with others….

1.  I am still dumbfounded by the fact people seem adverse to moving into the carriage in the morning to make room for others to get in. Fact: we are all catching the train for the same reason. ie. We have somewhere we need to be so let’s make the trip as quick and painless as possible. Are people worried they won’t be let off at their stop if they move further in? It’s not like the journey will be any better or shorter if you don’t move into the carriage. I have actually raged at this and it caused me to yell at people to move in, I assume this would be quite surprising as it came from an unexpected pipsqueak.

2. I eventually got a seat after we passed the most crowded stations and it was amazing! UNTIL….this horrific egg fart smell wafted into the carriage, right near my seat. I thought someone was crop dusting past me but the smell appeared to be getting stronger and stronger. I was actually disgusted! I wondered what possibly crawled up someone’s arse and died? I started looking around for the culprit and low and behold, it was not what I was expecting. It was a young Asian lady eating some form of boiled egg (must have been crossed with something else as it was super pungent) and to make matters worse she was chewing with her mouth open and I could hear every mouthful. Could she not have opted for some delicious bread top instead? A carriage smelling of sweet fresh baked bread would have been delightful! The looks of disapproval from not only myself but others didn’t stop her, she just kept going till she was egg’d out.  Now I personally don’t care if you eat on public transport but a stinky ass egg? That’s just cruel on a Monday morning, pre-work.

3. Lastly, just when I thought my annoyance on PT couldn’t get worse. I noticed someone clipping their nails on the train and letting the clippings fly everywhere. Is this really not something you could do in the comfort of your own home?

Perhaps Shitty Rail needs to invest in some awareness around train etiquette?

So that was my Monday morning in a public transport nut shell! Today I have come to the harsh realisation that my commute will now be longer once I move back home. I could potentially endure a whole 40 mins of bad public transport behaviour each morning *meeps*. Stay tuned….

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Modern dating struggles….

Along with Buzzfeed, Elite Daily is equally one of my favourite websites. This article 8 modern dating struggles that no other generation has had to deal with, for me really sums up the complexity of modern day dating, I know my single mates out there agree. I couldn’t have summarised the 8 points better myself and I had to LOL at #5. Was this even a consideration back in the day? You don’t even know these days where the other person has been, so to speak (kinda gross) but I’ve had friends who have contracted things not just from casual partners but from boyfriends too….meeps!

This post is dedicated to my work wifey – newer to the single scene but putting herself out there…I feel you when it comes to the head doing situations of dating but there is hope for us yet!  🙂 #takecharge

photo      photo

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Thoughts I have on my birthday…

It’s 3am and I’m wide awake (not unusual for me) even though last night I commented to my brother about how I had been sleeping really well as of late (typical). Or maybe it’s because I fell asleep at 9pm last night. Anyway today is indeed my birthday – the thing that happens annually that I often opt not to celebrate or just do something “low key”. This is actually the first year I have agreed to put some forward thinking into planning and securing a night out for dranks. Woop! I’m surprised that I’m actually happy about this.

Here are my general thoughts when approaching my day of birth:

1. Shit….it’s that time of year again…How old am I turning?….

2. I hope no one notices….

3. Do I really have to do anything for it? Friends always insist that this is a YES!

4. I’m looking forward to my birthday cake and one with lots of icing! Yep – I’m an icing bandit and I know for a fact work wifey baked me a choc mud cake with thick icing…nom nom nom

5. Hmmm…I hope I get some good pressies.

6. I will use my bday as an excuse to eat whatever I want. Well actually I do that anyway it’s just more justified today.

7. It’s the 1 day of the year I can use the reasoning “well it’s my birthday” to get away with saying/doing whatever it is I want. It’s ashame it only lasts 24 hours. I wonder how many times I can use this today and get away with it?

8. I don’t feel any different….

9. Where did the last <insert age> years go? I better start making more plans.

10. Actually this isn’t so bad…. It’s nice to have the people I care about celebrate with me and acknowledge my bday. I mean it would be pretty sad for them to not have me around because I’m pretty awesome  🙂

f0cb37a25fac65568256f8513fac4fed   cake

-Birthday Girl-


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20 signs I’m getting old….or older…

It’s officially 10 days out from my 27th birthday today and well I’ve come to realise I’m getting old….well not old, but older. Here are my key signs….

  1. I can’t survive one day without coffee particularly not a Monday. Tried it today #failed miserably
  2. My weekends are now consisting more of hens weekends or assisting in bridal preparation not 21st bday parties
  3. 1 or 2 nights of drinking results in epic hangovers and feeling the effects days later. What happened to the days when I could drink 3 nights in a row and start work each of those days at 7am and function normally aswell as study? those days are gone…clearly! I know try to avoid over consumption of alcohol on school nights.
  4. I never to go to Kings Cross anymore (this used to be a weekly Saturday night occurence at 18). When I did end up there last Saturday night for a hens, I first of all shunned that I had to pay to enter somewhere and then looked around and just felt plain old. I also realised I so do not miss the scene at all.
  5. I prefer to catch up with people in an environment where I can sit down, chat and have an actual conversation where we can hear each other!
  6. I value the connections I’ve made with people and ultimately want to meet 1 awesome person to share my life with
  7. I enjoy wine…and lots of it….
  8. I enjoy the Hunter Valley
  9. I enjoy nights in on my own #foreveralone
  10. I like waking up feeling fresh (not hungover) and making the most out of my day. I also have realised my body values and needs sleep.
  11. I enjoy time with my parents and have a greater sense of appreciation for them. I also actually enjoy spending time with my family and don’t see it as an annoyance like I used to.
  12. I have started to think about how to help/support my parents in the future. I have also realised that Mum is a really good judge of character, especially when it came to ex boyfriends.
  13. I don’t buy “going out” clothes as much. I buy clothes that can double for both work and general life/going out.
  14. I value clothes that are comfortable and I actually stop to consider where I may wear certain potential purchases. Hence why most of my wardrobe is jeans, denim shorts and ankle boots.
  15. I don’t 100% commit to potential plans on the weekend at the start of the week incase I don’t want to go out. #commitmentphobe?
  16. I actually look at my bank account and how much I have been spending and saving.
  17. I’ve been doing the “what am I doing with my life” soul searching… Note: I still haven’t found the answer. If you have, do let me know.
  18. Your circle of friends reduces but the quality of those friendships increases. Quality over quantity.
  19. On the weekends, I love nothing more than a gathering with mates, drinking with them and having good chats
  20. Physically you can notice some changes. I’ve now started using preventative creams however I have Asian genes on my side and am a pipsqueak so I really can’t complain too much on this note.

No longer the spring chicken I used to be but I feel more comfortable with myself the older I get and I’m not ashamed to admit I enjoy an afternoon of arts and crafts! 🙂

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